we had some super amazing help and generosity involved with our wedding and we want to acknowledge some special peeps who made our day possible (bear with us, we had a lot of help):

-our parents, without whom nothing would have happened. their support and generosity made everything possible. fariman & mostafa moghadassi and alane & chris pollan, thank you.

-our maid of honor & best man. wow, they are so fab. jennifer st. germain and cyrus moghadassi: we could not have done it without you! running around, helping with details and planning, manual labor, encouraging pep talks, they did it all. they are our people forever, thank you.

-our minister, ellen pollan. how special it was to be married by someone we love and have shared many moments with over the course of our relationship. we will remember forever standing together on our special day. thank you.

-our friends. we have amazing, amazing friends and we tried to involve as many of them as we could with the wedding. you know who you are, thank you.

-our caterer, christian navarro and his amazing crew (remy, anthony, brad, mason, and all the rest). his patience, dedication, ability to roll with the punches, and ultimate prowess with the food: the best. he really saw our vision and made it happen! thank you.

-our photographer, josh mcmurtrie (and assistant/fiance, erinn!). super great energy and patience with the photos! can’t wait to see them all. thank you both.

-our florist extraordinaire, gilly. he created the most perfect vibe for the evening with his awesome vision and crazy talent. so beautiful. thank you.

-our venue host, obie slamon and the slamon family. words cannot describe how grateful we are to her for not just letting us completely take over their house and yard, but to being so welcoming, accommodating, and wonderful in the process. other special thanks to joey slamon & gianni quatrano for all of their help in organizing, cleaning up, and making bomb cookies. thank you and thank you.

-our graphic designer, cayla mccrae. she created the most fab save the date and invitations! super loved them. thank you.

-our videographer & photo booth operator, andrew ros @ RAUSHAUS. he and his team created a fantastic (and emotional) video for us and operated the fun fun photobooth. thank you.

-our wedding cakemaker, marianne wolfe. she made us the prettiest and supremely delicious cake (complete with homemade oreos!) – exactly what we wanted! thank you.

-our beermaker, jeremy scott. he crafted three varieties of locally hand brewed ale just for us. yum! thank you. 

-hair & makeup: sharon denes and brianne boelson, thank you for making us beautiful. and the laughs in the meantime!

-our printers, dsj printing. their flexibility and willingness to work with us on a deadline (and budget!) is much appreciated. thank you. 

-our rental company, pico party rents. darren edwards, you rock. thank you. 

i’m sure we’ve missed people here — the truth is we were overwhelmed with the offers of support and help and are so appreciative of absolutely everyone involved!

with much gratitude, d+n

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