Wedding Registry

We have been totally overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity and are running out of things!! Yikes, we are so grateful to you all. Some people have asked us to explain the honeymoon registry: we registered on for our honeymoon and it works just like a regular registry but you are buying or contributing to experiences instead of items. We’ve selected individual experiences on the registry, but any gift made goes toward funding an awesome honeymoon of our choosing. Check it out here:

For mostly home and kitchen stuff, we registered at Crate & Barrel, you can shop in store or online here:

Crate and Barrel,

For miscellaneous or hard to find items, we registered on Amazon:

Our wedding registry

– D + N

2 comments on “Wedding Registry

  1. Joann Moore on said:

    This is a wonderful site! My first time visit.
    Is there anything I can help with – I would love for you to use me. Seriously, let me know what I can do.
    Love, J

  2. aunt ellen on said:

    so excited. it is almost here. looking forward to having lots of laughs and sharing the love

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